Nagoya University


Our laboratory has been studying magnetic multilayers and magnetic nanostructures for high-density magnetic storage and functional spintronics devices.
In the field of magnetic storage media, we are studying magnetic materials with high perpendicular anisotropy and nano-sized patterned structures for the significant increase of the storage density.

In the field of spintronics devices, we have been developing the efficient way of the magnetization switching utilizing spin current, electric field, Joule heating, etc. to realize non-volative and high-density magnetic random access memories (MRAMs). Moreover, magneto-resistance sensors to detect bio-magntetic field, strain, etc are studied to develop the functional sensor devices.
The developments of the high-density storage media, memory devices with a low power consumption, and functional sensor devices are required to realize the next-generation IoT (internet of Things) society, which is more convenient, safe, and secure than ever.